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The 20 artists across Britain who generously contributed to this Provocation include 7 living and working outside of London and 13 living and working in London, with experiences range from first year working as freelance artists to a wealth of more than 30 years working in the landscape of dance, movement and body practices in Britain. Artists may or may not identify themselves as a person who is of East and Southeast Asian diasporas, however, it is important to acknowledge much information has been omitted by using these descriptions and the resistance to descriptions were felt throughout the conversations.

We acknowledge the precarities, risks and labour of all artists involved. Yet these precarity, risks and labour are in fact the very ways in which certain philosophies of being and power asymmetries continue to be perpetuated in our everyday life. Those involved recognised the effort that had been put into the Provocation in protecting artists’ identity without compromising the specificity of their personal lived/living experiences. 

The Provocation aims to honour the lived experiences of the artists. It is hoped that by centring the selected twenty artists, their actual voices, verbalising their lived experiences, that F-ing Good Provocation honours them, their practices and their contributions to the rich, vibrant landscape and ecology of movement, dance and body practices in contemporary Britain. It is also an invitation to centre and embed care and accountability for ourselves in everything we do so that it is sustainable for our wellbeing.

Annie Lok

Aya Kobayashi

Dam Van Huynh

Emiko Jane Ishii

Ghost & John

Hazel Lam

Iris Yi Po Chan

Jo Fong

Joseph Lau

Laura Dajao 

(aka LauraDDances)

Makiko Aoyama

Oran Leong

Raymond Chai

Si Rawlison

Sung Im Her

Takeshi Matsumoto

Victor Fung

Yen-Ching Lin 

and Artist Sixteen


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